Mesmerize - 

Made from Iowa grown Marquette grapes and similar to a Pinot Noir, Mesmerize is much lighter in color than other red wines.  Marquette flavors and aromas include fruits, black cherry, berry, and currant and is laced with the light, smoky air of French oaks.  Other Marquette characteristics include high acidity and low tannins.  Mesmerize pairs wonderfully with beef, pork, lamb, or fish, and goes particularly well with Italian or Mexican food.  Those of you with a love of cheeses would appreciate cheddar, edam or gouda.

Reverie - Silver medal at the Iowa State Fair !!

Winemakers in our neck of the woods - and also wine judges -- are getting to know and love a cold-hardy grape called Petite Pearl.  It is more balanced and dark garnet in color, and reviewers have described it as a wine with a complexity in aroma and flavor with mid-mouth tannins.  Wines made from Petite Pearl have been described as elegant and have a more balanced chemical makeup with lower acidy and higher tannin levels.  The lower acidity allows the wine to be fermented dry without tasting "too tart," while tannin provides the "mid-palate structure" you'd expect in a good quality, age-worthy red.  Meatballs with spicy glaze, grilled steak or chocolate bring out the best of our Reverie wine.

Hunter's Reserve

I think we can all say that we have sat, drifting off, thinking of what else we could be doing.  Creating small batches of hand-crafted wines, using the grapes we grew ourselves, sounded perfect.  Our 2015 Hunter's Reserve is made from Iowa grown Frontenac and LaCrescent grapes and is blended with native Aronia berries.  We added a little sweetness to offset the tartness of the aronia berries.  Baked brie, barbecue ribs, venison, and chocolate cheesecake enhance the flavors of our Hunter's Reserve.


There's no better daydream than a fantasy!  How many times have you caught yourself drifting away in mid-afternoon, thinking of a romantic rendezvous?  Perhaps it only exists in your thoughts...yet the images are so vivid, you realize your heart is actually beating faster.  Our Fantasy is made with Frontenac grapes and just enough sweetness, which makes this wine an easy drinker and perhaps the start of your next fantasy.  An excellent pairing with sharp cheeses, ribeye, venison, tuna, and chocolate sea salt caramels.



The Iowa Edelweiss grape is a semi-sweet grape, picked early in the season.  As delicate as a flower, our L'etoile wine (French for 'Star') is made with 100% Edelweiss grapes and delivers a delicate floral aroma with mouthwatering sweet peach, pear, honey, and pineapple overtones.  Served chilled, this well-balanced, semi-sweet white wine is perfect on a hot, summery day or evening.  Food pairings include roast turkey and white-wine gravy, chicken kiev, or seared scallops with butter sauce.

Lumière Blanc 

The Revasser LaCrescent grape makes white wine that rivals Germany or Austria's best.  Its intense nose of apricot, peach and citrus lends itself to superior quality off-dry or sweet white wine.  Our La Crescent can easily be confused for a Moscato, Vignoles, Riesling, or perhaps a Gruner-Veltiner wine.  It is floral, fruit-forward, and citrusy.  Served chilled, it's a perfect wine to serve in the summertime.  It also tends to be made in somewhat of an off-dry style rather than bone dry, which is an approachable style to many.  Paired well with chicken, fish, and serves as an excellent dessert or late-harvest style wine, I dare anyone to pick up a bottle and see if they aren't smitten by its charms.


Made with the LaCadie blanc grape, this semi dry white has notes of apricot, pear and finishes with a slight citrus flavor.  A Revasser favorite.


​The Niagara grape is one of the leading green grapes grown in the U.S.  Pale greenish-white in color, the Niagara grape has a sweet, very pleasant aroma.  It also has a sweet and generally pleasant flavor, sometimes being described as "foxy."  Although typically used as the source for white grape juice or jams, our Ignite offers playful, sweet hints of times gone by.  When chilled, Ignite provides the spark needed to light the fires within.

Summer Breeze   

The Brianna is a semi-sweet white grape with pronounced pineapple, mango nose and flavor when fully ripe.  It's excellent as a light table wine because of its grapefruit, tropical, and slight floral characteristics.  With a smile on your face and a bottle of our Summer Breeze in your hand, you're ready to start an adventure of a lifetime.  Serve it with flavorful white cheeses and white cheesecakes.

Indulgence - Silver medal winner in the MidAmericanWine comp !!

A light crisp and tart white wine made with LaCrosse grapes. With buttery notes and vanilla spice similar to a Chardonnay. Serve chilled.


Ask about our Sparkling Wines - All made in the Méthode champenoise, to give the best look and feel of sparking wines..