Our Story

Located just 15 minutes south of Iowa City, Revasser Winery (reh-va-say) offers an intimate setting for tasting and relaxation. Surrounded by some of the best Iowa farm ground and rolling hills, the picturesque setting of our winery takes you away from the fast-paced stress of the week and into a tranquil, intimate time-out with friends, family or that special someone.

In 2009, owners Dean and Sabrina Awe established a vineyard, a dream we had for several years.  Sitting on our three-season room, we would enjoy the view with friends and family.  One day, we decided to take that view and blend it with our love of wines.  And Revasser Winery was created, and our vines were planted.

As a boutique winery, we specialize in small vintages of our favorite wines, ranging from dry to sweet reds as well as dry to sweet whites.  Open by appointment only, we offer tastings and a venue for the special events in your lives.


Come and taste the experience for yourself. 

"It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax."  - Moises Arias